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The Huntington Beach Real Estate Market Today

As of this writing, there are a total of 529 active single-family listings in Huntington Beach. The typical asking price is $863,000 and homes stay on the marketplace about 107 days. As for condominiums, there is a total amount of 336 currently provided for sale with a typical cost of $406,186 and usually sell within 103 days.

Current Sales Report for Huntington Beach from 3/21/2011 to the present

For all of Huntington Beach 71 single-family homes were sold. The typical sales cost was $785,073 and sold after 134 days on the market. The cost per square foot comes to $368. With approximately 129 days on the market, 51 condominiums were offered with an average sales price of $375,865 and cost per square foot of $294. The minimum list prices for the location was $145,000 and the optimum was $1,175,000. These sales happened in the following areas:

Fountain Valley/ Northeast HB

In the northeast location of Huntington Beach a total of 3 single-family houses were offered with a typical variety of 158 days on the marketplace. The cost per square foot in this location is $367. The lowest sales price in this area for this time period was $440,000 and the optimum cost was $509,000. Just one condo was cost $248,000. It was on the market for 247 days and the rate per square foot is $325.

Northwest Huntington Beach

In this area of the city 21 houses were sold with a typical days on the market of 143. The average prices was $821,370 and the price per square foot is $372. The greatest priced home cost $1,890,000 and the most affordable sold for $367,000. A total amount of 11 condominiums sold in this area for a typical cost of $324,000 and 116 days on the marketplace. $275 is the average price per square foot. The greatest priced home in this location chose $633,000 and the most affordable was $145,000.

South Huntington Beach

In this part of town the average number of days on the marketplace was 114 and a total amount of 15 houses were sold for approximately $572,773 and $338 per square foot. The most expensive home offered for $772,500 and the least expensive house cost $250,000. Condos offered on typical within 113 days for a typical price of $304,759 and a square footage expense of $276. The greatest priced condo to sell was $470,000 and the most affordable was $230,000.

West Huntington Beach

Finally, West Huntington Beach had the most activity with 32 houses and 18 condos offered during this time moment. The price per square foot for houses was $379 and $324 for condos. The typical rate of a home in this area was $890,400 and $495,619 for condominiums. The highest priced home to sell chose $1,900,000 and the most affordable was $385,000. The greatest priced condo went for $1,175,000 and the least expensive cost $165,000.


With this in-depth info about sales in the Huntington Beach real estate market you can get a very precise city-wide image of costs and values.